Who I Am

Bikes offer freedom.  For me, it started with a no-name BMX bike while growing up in Northern Virginia.  My friends and I rode everywhere on our bikes.  That eventually led us to mountain bikes, which let us explore even further from home.  Eventually I got an after school job at a bike shop, which paid for my first "nice bike", a Fat Chance steel hardtail with a ridiculously long stem and a narrow handlebar with bar ends.  Then came college and a misspent couple of decades on skinny tires riding centuries and racing crits every once in a while.  Then, a couple of years ago, I moved to Colorado and rediscovered fat tires. I haven't looked back. 

Nothing feeds my soul better than riding any one of our fabulous trails after a long day (or week) in the office.  I joined Pedal Pushers Racing to become part of the local mountain bike community through racing and trail maintenance/development activities.

Notable Stats

Home: Golden, CO
Race Cat: Sport/Masters
Years Racing: <1 (You gotta start sometime!)
Focus: XC/Endurance

Planned 2019 Races
- Bailey Hundito
- Firecracker 50
- Golden Giddyup

The More Roots and Rocks on the Trail, the Better!

Favorite Rides

North Table Mountain, Buff Creek starting with Nice Kitty, and Chimney Gulch 

Favorite Gear

Maxxis Ardent tires - They offer a terrific balance of grip and low rolling resistance.

Weird Fact

I lived in New Orleans for a couple of years.

I Reach for My Favorite Fuel on Every Ride

KIND granola bars are the perfect trail food for casual rides and longer endurance races.  They provide steady slow burn energy with lots of nutrition without unnecessary sugar and other junk ingredients.