Who I Am

I ride mainly because I enjoy it - it’s as simple as that…

I didn’t get a license until I was 18 because I rode my bmx everywhere. When I did start driving, my bikes took a sad second place. But, I rediscovered them again about 5-6 years ago and remembered just how much i enjoyed them!

Now, with current health issues, riding helps make myself feel free and racing to me is all about having fun and enjoying the ride!

Notable Stats

Home: Golden, CO (Past CA)
Race Cat: Cat2 DH
Years Racing: 5
Focus: DH with a little Enduro for some more fun

Top Results & 2019 Plans
3rd: 2018 Bootleg - while on a new bike and new race course, of course…

2019 Races Include: Sea Otter DH and Enduro in April then the Fire 5 and Trestle DH races when the season gets rolling.

I pretty much point and shoot.

Favorite Ride

Locally - Longhorn, climb sucks but the charge down is good…

Favorite Gear

I cant ride without cushcore, at this point I’ve broken to many wheels

Weird Fact

I enjoy crashing at times. 

Notable Pix