Who I Am

I started riding bikes seriously while I was a sophomore at Colorado School of Mines.  I thought I would be great and already better than everybody else because of natural athletic talent; I don’t think I have ever been more wrong in my life.  I was quickly put in my place.  I competed in both road and mountain biking starting the in the ‘C’ categories for each.  By the time I graduated I had upgraded to ‘A’ category in each discipline and qualified for College Nats in XC for mountain biking.

The first thing I did when I graduated from Mines was buy myself carbon Specialized Stumpjumper.    Now that I was out of college, I started getting real serious about my riding.  I didn’t have a ton of time or money yet for racing, but I was still out riding 5/7 days and getting 4+ hour rides in on the weekend.

In 2016, I really hit racing hard for the first time ever. I decided to devote all of my riding to endurance stuff, because for some reason I like that kind of suffering.  This was also going to be a first full season of racing for me. It became apparent pretty early on in training and racing for the year that I had been a shorter distance XC rider and didn’t quite know how to handle endurance racing consistently.  Thus, to goal for each race became avoiding the bonk; and I got it by the end.

After a year of serious riding I could, in theory, avoid the mistakes made the year before and be smarter with my riding.  My aim for the year was to perform consistently and I should see improvement in my riding based off of a little more experience.  I decided to do a lot of races this year because again, I like to suffer in weird ways. I felt markedly better in every race and aimed to be a lot more patient with myself while racing and training.  I think it paid off as I saw progress across the board.  I love riding and I love getting better, so I am going to ride until neither of those things is true.

Notable Stats

Home: Golden, CO
Race Cat: Expert/Pro
Years Racing: 5
Focus: XC/Endurance

Top 2017 Results
2nd: Laramie Enduro Men 20-29
7th: Gunnison Growler Men 18-29
7th: Silver Rush 50 Men 20-29
10th: Firecracker 50 Expert Men 19-29

I Try to Imagine Myself as a Freight Train When I Ride.

Favorite Ride

Apex.  It has easy access, great climbs and ripping descents, plus our super sweet shop is right at the bottom.

Favorite Gear

Nut-butter filled Cliff bar.

Weird Fact

I used to think people who rides bike are weird. I still think that but now I am one of them.

Notable Pix