Who I Am

I just love going places and seeing things on two wheels. If I can rip some corners and hit some jumps every once in a while I will be stoked. Racing is an internal and external battle of will, and skills. There is nothing as satisfying as breaking someone's heart on a steep climb at the end of a race, or shredding around the outside of someone who smoked you on the flats.

Notable Stats

Home: Sedalia, CO (Golden, CO now)
Race Cat: Open / A
Years Racing: Yikes, don’t ask me. 3 years in XC
Focus: XC - Enduro - Convincing myself that I am not lost.

Top Results and Planned Races
10th: Collegiate Nationals XC 
3rd: Collegiate National HD 
Winter Park Series 
Golden Giddyup 
Breck 100 - and more! 

Sometimes you need to take a power nap in front of a gas station to finish the ride.

Favorite Ride

My ideal ride involves muddy roots, sketchy downhills, steep and un-ending climbs and a hail storm. Preferable on trails I have never seen before and in a place that I couldn't find again if I tried.

Favorite Gear

I usually forget all the important stuff. If I have my bike and it has air in the tires I should be good to go.

Weird Fact

Mechanical Engineering Student at Colorado School of Mines, 2 time Brazilian National Enduro Champion.

Notable Pix