Who I Am

I am a midwest kid that started biking when I was very young. I remember bombing down water ditches with my friends just to see who could ride it the fastest.

It wasn't till college that I got my first true hardtail bike. It was only then that everything started to make sense - I fell in love with mountain biking and dumped a stage 5 clinger. When college ended, I decided to move to Colorado for the epic mountain biking. But, I told my parents it was for a job, I teach kids how to mountain bike. I still don't think they bought it for a minute. Now I am ready to start racing some xc/enduro.

Notable Stats

Home: Golden, CO
Race Cat: 20-29
Years Racing: 1
Focus: XC/Endurance

2019 Plans
Aspen BME
Golden Giddyup
The Revolution Enduro

There’s No Room for Being Serious on the Bike

Favorite Ride

From Genesee down Enchanted Forest and Apex = a great local epic.

Favorite Gear

I ride as light as possible. Give me my helmet, shoes, and gloves.

Weird Fact

My two front teeth aren’t real. 

Notable Pix