Who I Am

I grew up riding bikes on the east coast. My first real dh race was at plattekil bike park in 2004. I loved every second of that race including the two crashes and my last place finish. I continued to race despite not being very good. 

When I turned 17 I was able to upgrade to jr x. I raced my heart out. Almost literally. A week before my 18th birthday I crashed hard in a race. I blew my shoes off I hit the ground so hard. I lacerated my spleen and liver collapsed my left lung and punctured my kidney. It was awesome. I finished that race and even with that bad of a crash took 3rd. I wasn’t there for awards. I was in a helicopter over NYC. 

I told my parents on the way home from the hospital anything could kill me. I would be happiest if I was riding when it happened. Setting it in stone that I was never going to stop racing. In 2009 I went pro. Though I never won a pro race I did get on the podium a bunch of times. I still have aspirations of winning one still. 

Notable Stats

Home: Evergreen, CO
Race Cat: Pro
Years Racing: 14
Focus: Go Mach Turkey in Rocks (DH)

Notable Finishes
31st: Platty Pro GRT
13th: US Open 
2nd: Swain NY Enduro

Look Good. Feel Good. Ride Gooder.

Favorite Ride

Heil ranch because going fast scares the hippies off the trail

Favorite Gear

Shimano dh shoes. Can’t ride without them.

Weird Fact

I poop five times a day. Most days

Notable Pix