We Ride.

We Race.

We Give Back.

& We Have Fun Doing It!

Pedal Pushers Racing (PPR) is a top-level mountain bike team comprised of business professionals and business owners who happen to also be talented racers. PPR is unique in that team members race in a variety of disciplines including cyclocross, gravity (downhill), endurance, bikepacking and enduro racing at regional, national, and international events. We even have a team triathlete because of his deep passion for two wheels!

We are also a team that strives to have FUN! While many of the team members are often atop the podium, we try to keep a balanced approach to racing. Ultimately, racing and riding bikes should be fun and that is one of our main goals.



You'll see us taking the lift at the resorts or working our way up the local trails. Give us gravity, add some jumps, and we are ready to go!


We'll take on 50k, 100k, 100miles, 24hr, multi-day stage race, SURE! Come join us and put in some miles.


Whether it's supporting the local bike shop, beginners events, trail care days, or a race aide station, you'll see us out there giving back to the sport and community.

Just a few of the crew taking in a snow ride!

Just a few of the crew taking in a snow ride!